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ASL offers state-of-the-art analytical services for all solutions in the tobacco and e-cigarette market.


Our certified test laboratory

We offer our customers in our EU-wide, and ISO 17025 certified test laboratory, all services dealing with the analysis of virtually all products of the tobacco industry.

Analyses for every scenario

Our many years of experience enable us to always provide you with the most up-to-date methods of tobacco and tobacco product analysis. In doing so, we always set ourselves the highest quality standards.

Our performance promise to you

The ASL service spectrum covers the common methods of tobacco and tobacco product analysis including measurement of physical parameters and analysis of residues.

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Always the highest quality standards

The quality of our investigations is objectively traceable for you at all times. Accreditations, recognitions, approvals, notifications and certifications guarantee correct and independent analysis results.

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News & Stories

Aerosol Collection with HV1 Electrostatic Precipitation Trap

Heavy Metal Analysis without the Noise

Aerosol Collection with HV1 Electrostatic Precipitation Trap

Metal background noise, or contamination within your aerosol trapping/collection may increase your method LOD and will require reevaluation of your basic background levels.

Deflection of particles matter within an aerosol, or smoke through a high voltage electric field enables a condensate collection without use of quartz, or glass fiber filters resulting in vastly reduced contamination and can increase collected aerosol, or particle mass.

ASL is using Borgwaldt KC’s HV1 Electrostatic Precipitation Trap for your analytical heavy metal testing of tobacco, hemp, cannabis and vaping emissions.

Direct to Lung (DtL) Vaping

ISO 20768 vaping regime specifies aerosol inhalation through filling the mouth before inhaling deeper into the lung. Commonly named mouth to lung vaping.

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