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Smoke analysis of cigars

Determination of total and nicotine-free dry particulate matter (tar) CORESTA
Determination of nicotine content in smoke condensates DIN ISO 10315
Determination of carbon monoxide in the gaseous phase of tobacco smoke (NDIR procedure) (determination of carbon dioxide (CO2) also possible) DIN ISO 8454 (possible only as a supplement to smoking analysis)
Determination of menthol content in smoke condensates ISO 13110
Determination of selected Carbonyls in cigar smoke (HPLC) CRM 74

Physical measurments of cigars

Measurement of filling power of cut tobacco
Measurement of hardness of cigars
Measurement of ventilation of cigars ISO 9512
Measurement of draw resistance of cigars ISO 6565
Measurement of cigar weight
Measurement of cigar length
Measurement of circumference and diameter
Determination of cutting width of cut tobacco DIN 10375

Tobacco analysis of cigars

Quantitative determination of alkaloids (nicotine) andtotal sugars content (reducing) in tobacco ISO 15152 (CRM 35), ISO 15153 (CRM 37)
Quantitative determination of alkaloids in tobacco DIN 10373
Quantitative determination of chloride in tobacco § 38 TabakerzG
Quantitative determination of loss on drying (moisture) in tobacco oven, 16h, 100°C or according to customer request
Quantitative determination of water in tobacco according to Karl Fischer ISO 6488
Quantitative determination of sand in tobacco ISO 2817
Quantitative determination of total ash in tobacco
Quantitative determination of soluble ash in tobacco
Determination of pH value intobacco (10% in demineralized water
Qualitative and quantitative determination of 1.2 propylene glycol, 1.3 butylene glycol and glycerin in tobacco GC, GC/MS methods
Determination of sorbitol in tobacco products
Qualitative and quantitative determination of flavor componentsin tobacco GC, GC/MS methods
Determination of preservatives in tobacco
Determination of Heavy Metals in tobacco
Determination of tobacco specific nitroso amines (TSNA) in tobacco

Residue analysis of cigars

Determination of organochlorine pesticide residues in tobacco
Quantitative determination of maleic hydrazide in tobacco
Quantitative determination of dithiocarbamates
Determination of synthetic pyrethroides (cypermethrine/permethrine) in tobacco

Analyzed products:

Raw tobacco
Pipe tobacco
Filter tow & rods
Cigarette paper
Snus & Snuff
Shisha tobacco

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